Soulvision: with the drummer J.J. Flueck several projects in the studio and on stage have been realized:

James Brown Tribute Show, Moods Zurich 2014

JJ Flueck & P Grooveworkshop

Bass Solo JJ‘s Hausband

Bass Solo James Brown Tribute Show 2010

More videos can be found here.


Newest baby of Take This is: Club Edition. Imagine the band and a dj doing a all night long combined set until you don‘t know who‘s who...

Take This Club Edition live!


For a couple years I have been working with the film director Alfonso Gordillo. Through this collaboration there have been several short movies, music videos and commercials:

Swisscom Solar Impulse Imagefilm 2010

Home Sweet Hotel (3. Platz Hotel Film Awards 2011)

SOS Kinderdorf Werbung (div. TV-Stationen 2012)

Lilly‘s Lust (2012)

Mirai no tomodachi (Song für Japan, 2011)


Here are a few spots I composed the music for:

Schwendimann „Bring‘s“

Schwendimann „Mr. Green“

Schwendimann „Alpenluft“

Schwendimann „Alpenluft II“

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