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Reto della Torre: Swiss guitarist who got his fusion and blues influence from the West Coast while studying in Los Angeles. Recorded „realize this“ with the fusion greats Jimmy Haslip, Mitchel Forman and Joel Taylor (just to name a few) and now back in Switzerland to promote his recording

JJ‘s Hausband (with JJ Flueck, Sam Siegenthaler) has backed dozens of national and international artists and has played as a trio a few hundred concerts in Switzerland. For 10 years the credo has been the same though: In your face Billy!

take this is a musicians pool that can flexibly become a band for any event. As an exclusive private band to a session and tourband of renouned Swiss artists.

James Brown Tribute Show - since the death of the Godfather of Soul this exclusive band has been honoring the work of this legend by playing his tunes in new arrangements but with the same attitude that brought James to the top: no compromises in quality and groove!

Groove Twins Workshops: Groove Secrets! Masterclasses for drummers and bass players! Booking infos: www.soulvision.ch

Nicole Bernegger

Since she won the finals of the casting show „the Voice of Switzerland“ she is seen as the „Adele of Switzerland“ - and now touring with JJ‘s Hausband.


Soul-Pop Music from the capital of Switzerland - since 2014 on tour with the album „this woman“.